London community nurseries


  • Another 2 'Outstanding' nurseries in the LEYF family!

    Ofsted inspections at Brixton and Colville nurseries in October have seen another 2 LEYF settings rated 'Outstanding', bringing the total number to 17....
  • Open day for Social Saturday at South Bermondsey nursery

    As an organisation who is proud of our charitable social enterprise status, we will be marking Social Saturday with an open day at our South Bermondsey nursery. ...
  • LEYF receives seventh consecutive ‘Outstanding’!

    Inspections in February and March this year have seen LEYF receive their seventh consecutive ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted. Leys Children's Centre Nursery in Dagenham, Angel Co...

Young minds, big ambitions

The London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) is an award-winning family of 38 nurseries across London. We are the UK's largest childcare social enterprise, working to support long-term social change.

We care about London's families, which is why in our nurseries we nurture new friendships and big ambitions through creativity, play and laughter. We make every day inspiring.

We know that becoming a parent changes your life forever. No one's ever really ready for it. Most days you find you're stepping out into the great unknown. So let's take this next step together; learning and growing through the surprises and the silliness, the colour and the chaos, the mess and the magic.

We were proud to be named 'Nursery Group of the Year 2015' at the NMT awards, the second year in a row we received the award.

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